Pisgah Labs Patent on Anti-abuse and Anti-Dumping Opioids


PERKINS is pleased to announce the recent issuance of a patent on anti-abuse and anti-dumping opioids to client Pisgah Laboratories.

United States Patent


King ,  et al.  

July 2, 2013 

Pisgah Laboratories, Inc. 



Opioid salts and formulations exhibiting anti-abuse and anti-dumping properties


A drug substance with a pharmaceutically acceptable organic acid addition salt of an opioid wherein said organic acid is selected from Structure A:


wherein R1-R4 are independently selected from H, alkyl or substituted alkyl of 1-6 carbons, adjacent groups may be taken together to form a cyclic alkyl, cyclic alkyl-aryl, or cyclic aryl moiety; R5 is selected from H, or an alkali earth cation; R6 and R7 are independently selected from H, alkyl of 1-6 carbons, an alkali earth cation, and aryl of 6 to 12 carbons, in a number sufficient to complete the valence bonding of X, and wherein X is selected from nitrogen, oxygen or sulfur; and wherein the drug substance has a morphology selected from amorphous and crystalline.

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